Atalaya menu

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Scalloped and glazed eggplant with teriyaki of rancid Horta wine, smoked ell from the Ebro Delta and goat yoghurt with black pepper

Puree of white garlic and local almonds with Sarrion sturgeon caviar on horchata ice cream

Ternasco de Aragon cannelloni with Thistle and roasted tomatoes with La Freixneda goats milk bechamel and goats cheese

Vegetable foie salad, pomegranate emulsion, spinach and fruits of the forest with almonds

Main courses
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Mature entrecot of Roya Pyrenaica grilled with tempered salad tubers and empeltre olive dressing

Confit Ribs of local pork glazaed with rancid Horta wine, with roasted onions and salt and pepper mojo

Balfegó tuna road with Demi Glace marina, pil pil fairy ring mushroom of the Maestrazgo and ecological asparagus

Aquanaria sea bass in light saffron pickle with pickled broccoli and dill cream

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Creamy 70% cocoa cake and raspberry sorbet and Salt

“La Casqueta de la Torre”: Casqueta biscuits, cream of roasted pumpkin anise gel and Casqueta ice cream of the region

Tocinillo del cielo with citrus chantilly and rancid Horta wine ice cream

Organic strawberry and rice tatin in textures with cherry ice cream from Bolea

Price per person: 75€
Included is pairing with 4 wine references Mas de Llucia Wine Estate 2022
Appetizer from our estate
Tasting of AOVE from Diez Dedos
Purified water from Torre del Marqués
Coffee and Milk