The restaurant is housed in an old 18th century farmhouse, located within the Torre del Marqués estate, and allows you to enjoy a gastronomic experience in the middle of the idyllic landscape of the Tastavins Valley. Our deep respect for the land, the environment and the people is reflected in the restaurant’s menu. We are committed to sustainable gastronomy, filling our larder with quality ingredients and raw materials, of proximity and seasonal nature, and we are committed to local suppliers.

In addition, we take care of one of our most precious assets: our staff. In the surrounding area we are fortunate to have a wealth of products, such as fruit and vegetables from our orchard, the black truffle from Matarraña, Ternasco de Aragón, Empeltre Extra Virgin Olive Oil, peaches from Calanda and fish from the Ebro Delta, which are always present in our cuisine.

The restaurant’s menu is dynamic and changes seasonally, adapting to the products that the land offers us in each season. In this way, we achieve a wide variety of dishes with the maximum flavour and freshness that the ingredients can provide. In all our processes, we try to reduce the consumption of resources as much as possible and minimise the use of a scarce resource such as water. The little waste generated will later be used as fertiliser in our vegetable garden.