Our team

The most important ingredient in all our creations cannot be tasted, but it can be felt intensely. It is the pulsating teamwork of all of us.

The kitchen team has been cooking all their lives and has a long history and experience. Great professionals who every day dedicate effort and passion to provide diners with a unique gastronomic experience, while giving free rein to their creative veins, reinterpreting the flavours of traditional cuisine.

The excellence of La Atalaya del Tastavins is due to the inspiration and professionalism of the whole team, giving the best of themselves from the moment the product arrives in our kitchen until the dish is served on the table.

We trust in the people who make our customers happy and we believe in them, knowing that each diner is in the best hands from the moment they cross the threshold of the restaurant until they leave our estate.


I discovered the Matarraña region in 2014, and its privileged reality prompted me to seek a different relationship with this ecosystem. The relationships between the people who live together in this land, with its incredible artistic and historical richness, seek a solid balance between the needs of economic development, the care of traditions and the preservation of the immeasurable natural environment that surrounds us.

Perhaps isolation has allowed this Territory to become a living school of the values associated with sustainability, which the inhabitants of this land have practised since time immemorial, and which has allowed us to bring to our days the rich trilogy: people, planet and product that we enjoy in Matarraña.

This project is being created by each of the people who cross its path.

Each culinary elaboration tries to bring together the knowledge of the producers who wisely treat this land and the chefs who are capable of integrating the flavours and textures to maximise the delight of our diners. Every sip of wine we enjoy is a tribute to the result of the symbiosis of this land, this climate and the expert hands of the winegrowers and winemakers who are able to show us the identifying nuances of the varieties grown in this territory. Each diner who tastes our dishes is an opportunity to share our experiences and values, and to understand how we can continue to satisfy the curiosity and enjoyment of all our visitors.