We keep in close contact with our suppliers and producers, we try to find out about their production processes and the extraction of raw materials they use, in order to achieve the highest quality and freshness in our dishes, incorporating, as far as possible, sustainable food.

We care about our customers and their quality of life and for this reason, we have created healthy and balanced recipes, using fresh products that allow our diners to take care of their health while enjoying a great gastronomic experience.

We use the best quality extra virgin olive oil in the preparation of our dishes, as it works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for our body, as well as helping to regulate cholesterol.

We are also aware of the possible allergies and food intolerances that our guests may suffer from, and we adapt our dishes and menus so that everyone can enjoy our restaurant.

At “La Atalaya del Tastavins” we are concerned about the quality of our employees work, and we are committed to their professional careers, continually investing in their training and ensuring that they have a good personal development. We try to maintain working hours that allow family and social conciliation, being also fair in the remuneration received.

At the same time, we want to highlight the great work they do, providing our customers with information about them so that they can visit them, taste and purchase their products directly.

We would like to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the economic and social environment, building a fairer and more sustainable world, which is why we carry out fair trade and responsible trade initiatives with our suppliers.