We efficiently use renewable energy sources, we purify and reuse water for irrigation, and we use organic waste to fertilise our gardens.

Our restaurant is located in an old farmhouse renovated by local craftsmen, using natural materials obtained from the surrounding farm itself or brought from nearby locations and extracted in an environmentally friendly way.

The building is designed to make limited use of energy resources, thanks to its north-facing orientation, the use of natural thermoregulating materials and high quality insulation. In addition, the restaurant’s tables are located in a greenhouse space that allows solar heat to be collected in the cold months.

Our commitment to the planet and the environment is also reflected in the responsible use of energy and the way it is obtained, using photovoltaic solar panels and biomass boilers, powered by woodchips extracted from the surrounding forests.

We dedicate time and effort to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by using local products, to eliminate plastic from our processing and supply chain, and to constantly strive to improve our practices. We also recycle and conveniently reuse all waste generated.

We use processing techniques that allow us to reduce food waste in the kitchen and restaurant. In addition, we use the organic waste to convert it into fertilizer for the organic orchard, vineyards and olive groves, directly in our composter, thus allowing us to naturally increase their production.

At the same time, the water used to irrigate the garden comes from natural rainfall, which is collected in a pond and then used efficiently. We also purify the water used in the hotel and the restaurant, which is used to irrigate the olive groves located on the estate. From these olive groves we extract our own olive oil.