We try to use seasonal organic products from our own farm or from small local producers, with low water requirements and natural fertilisers.

We have started to recover our olive groves, obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Empeltre and Picual varieties, which have become part of our tasting of local oils from Lower Aragon. Over the next few years, we will recover terraces occupied by cherry, almond, apple and quince trees.

What we don’t produce ourselves, we source from suppliers who appreciate and work with sustainable crops, striving to minimize the impact of their activity on the environment and to maintain local varieties with small seasonal farms.

Wherever possible, we use fresh ingredients produced within a short distance of the farm to minimize the carbon footprint of our menu by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in the transport of our supplies. We are constantly trying to expand our list of local suppliers. This allows diners to enjoy a pleasant gastronomic journey through this unique area of Spain without leaving the table, accompanied by an incomparable view of the Tastavins Valley. Our green pantry is just a few steps away from our kitchen.

We have two organic vegetable gardens: one in summer and the other in winter, which allows us to work with fresh vegetables of great nutritional value, practically all year round. We are recovering the old agricultural production of the farm.

Four years ago we resumed the cultivation of the vineyards, planted fifty years ago, and introduced new autochthonous varieties. We also produce several estate wines in our own organic wine cellar, which can be tasted in the restaurant.