The constant availability of food from all over the world and from all climatic zones makes it difficult to develop an awareness of the environmental and human benefits of zero-kilometre cuisine.

Regional cuisine has always used products that grew in our own climate through cultivation, respecting the seasons and shortening the production chain, providing a less industrialized and healthier one. We feel responsible for the products, the environment and the well-being and enjoyment of our guests. Our philosophy is clear, our cuisine flows with the seasons, we know our suppliers and we trust their high quality standards, their products, and the respectful way they are sourced. This allows us to bring to the table dishes that offer the maximum flavour in every season.

The current food model in the world is compromised. Population growth, the intensive use of resources, the global delocalisation of production, the excessive waste generated throughout the food chain and the asymmetric distribution of value among its members mean that we must take decisions to reverse the trend.

Each one of us must take a step forward in the construction of a model that allows us to hand over to our children a world where food security for the entire population is assured, with balanced and healthy diets, while preserving the health of the planet and the economic viability of all the links in the value chain of the most important industry of humanity.

Our firm commitment to gastronomy is based on caring for our planet by trying to use as few resources as possible to prepare our menus, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting waste. Likewise, we promote fair trade between the people involved in this project, from the producer to the diner, and we rely on fresh, sustainably produced, local and seasonal products to meet the culinary expectations of our visitors, with original and healthy recipes.