Gastronomic menu

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Artichokes from Mas de las Matas candied with creamy fried egg, cured yolk and Iberian earth

Tiramisu of Mushrooms and Wild Boletus of Cantavieja with cream of cheese of Peñarroya and Tomato powder

Razor clams from San Carles de la Ràpita au gratin with emulsion of peppers and goat cheese from Freixneda

Cecina croquettes from Iglesuela del Cid and organic leek with peach jam

Lacquered aubergine with Teriyaki of Rancid Wine of Horta de San Joan, Trout of the Ebro Delta smoked in cold and goat yogurt with pepper

Main courses
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Roasted sea bass of Sant Carles with Aragonese fritada and Béarnaise fennel sauce

Grilled Duroc pork dam with seasonal mushroom wok and velouté of almonds and wild herbs from the farm

Cow’s tail risotto, boletus from Cantavieja and Truffle from Torre de Arcas

Grilled octopus from the Ebro Delta with anchovy Romescu, cured dewlap from Peñarroya and potato morteruelo

to choose from

Creamy 70% chocolate cake with fleur de sel and raspberry sorbet

Green apple sorbet with White Grenache and Macabeo from Mas de Llucia 2021

The crème brûlée with red fruits and Valdetormo Sugarcored Almonds

Price per person: 50€
Appetizer from our estate
Tasting of AOVE from Diez Dedos
Purified water from Torre del Marqués
Coffee and Milk