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Cherry gazpacho with anchovy tartar, red onion and tomato from “Hijar”

Roasted eggplant with hollandaise gratin, maple and cashew nuts

95€ VAT INCLUDED. Drink included

Learn about the wines you will taste

Garnacha blanca, Sauvignon blanc

From the Mas de Torubio winery located in Cretas, it has a straw yellow color with green hues. This young wine combines the power of white grenache with the flavor of ham and the softness of sauvignon blanc pairs well with the creaminess of goat cheese. The freshness of this wine allows it to counteract the fried croquette.


From the Venta d’Aubert winery, located in Cretas, it has a greenish yellow color. It is a fresh wine with light citrus flavors, which accompanies the taste of strawberry tartar. It is a light wine in the mouth with a smooth texture that goes well with the texture and sweetness of the grilled and puréed pumpkin.


Garnacha blanca

From the Les Vinyes del Convents winery, located in Horta de San Joan, it has a lemon yellow colour with golden reflections. It is a wine with an acid entry that counteracts with the bitter taste of the artichoke and combines with the yellow curry. The palate is oily and envelops the entire palate, allowing the flavor of the jowl to stand out.

Merlot, Garnacha peluda

From the Mas de Torubio winery located in Cretas, it has a pale pink color. The acidic note of the wine is reminiscent of the citrus mashed potatoes. The floral flavors are paired with the montis prawn stock. The sweet touch of this wine brings out the flavor of the canana in its two cooking processes.

Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah, Cariñena 

This reserve red wine from the Altavins winery, located in Batea, has an intense red color with a violet hue. The Grenache and Syrah give it a powerful and oily body that combines with the yam-like secret. The merlot grape provides the softness and fruity flavor that highlights the creamy cherry. The carignan rounds out the wine for a long finish that accompanies the wholewheat grits.

Garnacha, Moscatel

This sweet wine from the Les Vinyes del Convent winery located in Horta de San Joan is conceived as a popular traditional, unfiltered, presents a pale pink color. The sweetness of the muscatel accompanies the coffee flavor and counteracts the bitterness of the almond. Grenaches provide a texture similar to that of sabayon.